Now in its fifth year, the Avant Festival is back and ready to again show audiences how much great experimental art and performance is happening in Cork. Avant 2014 will run from July 10-31st. Last year we were lucky enough to collaborate with artists and organisations across the city to bring together experimental film, performance, exhibition, poetry and noise in four exciting July weeks. This year, we are looking for participants who are interested in all things ‘avant’ to put on events during the festival.

The Avant is a simple idea: ask a number of Cork-based organisations and individuals supportive of avant-garde practices to schedule events which they would programme in any case in a limited period in the summer. Pool their resources in terms of audience and publicity, but in all other matters let them run their events independently. Voilá, with no extra funding, and little extra effort, a festival of experimental and pioneering art in Cork city, worthy of national, if not international attention.

We  keen to get in contact with new groups who might be interested in working with us and are open to proposals. We’re gearing up for a creative and vibrant festival this year which will be packed full of exciting visual art, performance, music, film, sound art and poetry. If you have any ideas or would like to put on an event during next year’s festival contact us at theavantfestival(at)gmail(dot)com

The Avant festival is organised this year by Sarah Hayden and Rachel Warriner.  Vicky Langan is sitting this one out, but will re-join the fray for future battles.


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