Avant / July 2014 / Music / Performance / Sound

Strike the Air presents…

Thursday 24th July. 8pm. The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel St, Shandon, Cork. €5.


Strike the Air presents Clang Sayne & James O Sullivan with special guest, Karen Power, and a delicious vegetarian meal!

Formed in London in 2008 by songwriter and musician, Laura Hyland, Clang Sayne draws on a wide range of influences from sound improvisation to folksong to jazz to create ‘songscape music’, described as “exhilarating in its refusal to conform” (The Wire Magazine UK) and “showing an uncatorgorisable approach to songcraft” (Tokafi magazine DE). Since returning to Dublin in 2011, Laura reformed the group with Dublin musicians, Matthew Jacobson (drums), Judith Ring (voice), and Carolyn Goodwin (woodwinds). Former guitarist with the group from its London days, James O Sullivan rejoins the quartet here for three Irish performances. www.clangsayne.com

Using a combination of feedback, conventional guitar techniques, and mechanical instrumental preparations, London-based electric guitarist, James O Sullivan exploits the full sonic potential of electric guitar, amplifier and the environment in which both are placed.

His interest in improvisation, recording and performance has led him to record and perform internationally, both solo, and with numerous improvised groups including Found Drowned, Syneuma, and Four Seasons Television. His debut solo album ‘feed back couple’, was released on the Forwind  label in 2011, and he has been a regular player on releases from London-based improv label, Aural Terrains since 2009. www.jamesosullivan.co.uk

Drawing her inspiration from the natural world, familiar ‘everyday sounds’ and our responses to them, Karen Power uses acoustic instruments and field recordings to blur the distinction between ‘music’ and all other sound. Her music challenges listeners’ memory of hearing and presents new contexts for familiar sounds. Recent projects include orchestral works, sonic installations, collaborations between sound and dance, image and experimental film, free improvisations and musical happenings. karenpower.ie



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