Avant / July 2014 / Symposium / Visual Arts

Word Into Image Exhibition


word image-2

Where does language meet image?

What happens when poets create objects?

Word into Image explores the intersection of art and language from the poet’s point of view. Drawing on contemporary practices, this exhibition displays visual poetry from Ireland, Britain, Europe and America. Considering how poets use non-linguistic elements in their work, Word into Image takes in a range of approaches by writers who want to examine the space between word and artefact. Accompanying the exhibition launch on July 10th is a symposium examining the question of the relation of visual practices to poetics which is free and open to all. It also coincides with the 18th annual SoundEye festival which showcases innovative poetic practices from around the world.





1. Abigail Child, ELSA merdelamerdelamer, (2013, video, sound, 3 minutes 30 seconds)


2. Allen Fisher, TEA STUDY 3 # 4. TEA STUDY 3 # 5, (2014, ink, ink wash, pencil and tea stain on laid paper.)


3. Sophie Seita, Objects I cannot touch, (2014, video, sound, four minutes, 1 second)
12 Steps [to be read as choreography], (2011, dance poems, wide range chapbooks)


4. Simon Perril, Under Austerity Rubble Ancestral Bird-folk Lay Future Eggs, (2014, collage novel (extract))


5. Sarah Kelly, workings from the text sequences, (2013, cotton & linen paper, ink marbling, transfer)


6. Justin Katko, Chex Mex Yr Balance After Kumbaya, (n.d., video, sound, 1 minute, 52 seconds)
Justin Katko, Aubade, (2007, video, sound, 1 minute, 52 seconds)
Justin Katko and Keith Tuma, The Leap, (2007, video, sound, 4 minutes, 58 seconds)
Justin Katko, Up Against the Screen Mother Fuckers, (2008 video, sound 2 minutes, 42 seconds)


7. Eleanor Perry, from Strata, (2014, digital prints)


8. Robert Sheppard and Pete Clarke, This is Not Guilt, (2011, screenprint on paper)
                                                     Tangled Scree, (2012, screenprint on paper)


9. Brigid McLeer, the Road (after McCarthy), (2013, video, 19 minutes 32 seconds)


10. Rachel Warriner, To our Eastern Correspondent 1 & 2, (2012, ink, paint, solvent transfer on paper)


11. Sarah Kelly, extracts from tender by nine, (2012, cotton rag paper, ink, incorporated text transfer)


12. Alan Halsey, from Memory Screen,(2001-4, printed collaged paper)


For more details about the symposium, which will be held in the auditorium at Sample Studios, see modernismsresearchcentreucc.wordpress.com. To register email modernismsucc@gmail.com. The SoundEye Festival will be held in the Guesthouse on the 11th – 13th July and will feature readings from local, national and international poets. It is a free event and all are welcome. See soundeye.wordpress.com for more details. Supported by Cork City Council, School of English, UCC, The Department of Modern Irish, UCC, the Polish Embassy and The Guesthouse.


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