Avant / July 2014 / Performance / talk / Visual Arts


July 16th,1pm, Tactic Auditorium. Free

Artists Máire O’ Mahony and Cassandra Eustace present new work as a performative lecture.

(An open enquiry and live dissemination of the conceptual/propositional versus the tacit/situated/embodied epistemological position in contemporary art practice and pedagogy.)

maire o'mahony

“ If you start by assuming a radical difference in kind between the higher and lower forms of cognition, you will never bridge the gap between (the mental and the physical)…once you break Humpty-Dumpty apart, you’ll never put him back together again. Once you separate mind from body, inner from outer, conception from perception, reason from emotion, you will never find an ontological hermaphrodite in which these allegedly separate and distinct metaphysical kinds can be united.”

Johnson M, The Meaning of the Body, 2007 .

A phenomenological response to the the embodied subject and the intention behind artistic gesture and its material realisation. The artist surveys and maps this terrain through a loose system of internal logic that underpin this line of ontological questioning through indexical links. A roundabout critique of modern mastery and agency as an allegory for the limitations of representation; the fragmentation which occurs in temporal perception for the viewer and concomittantly the space between the subject and object of the gaze are mined for new aesthetic possibilities.



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