July 2014 / Video Art / Visual Arts / Written

[Paris] Cork [Spleen] Thing…

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery. Opens 6pm Wednesday 23rd July until Saturday 2nd July. Free

paris cork spleen thing

“Happy of heart I climbed the hill

To contemplate the town in its enormity,

Brothel and hospital, prison, purgatory, hell……………….Infamous City, I adore you!”

Charles Baudelaire-“Epilogue”Paris Spleen

Cork Thing presents new work by ten artists invited to adapt prose from Paris Spleen in a Cork-like context.

Contributing artists Kevin O’Shea, Joseph Keating, Róisín Foley, Femke Vandenberg, Bren Smyth, Luke Sisk, Billy Dante, Hayden O’Donnell, Darragh Wilkins and David Mathúna will display works of various media existing as autonomous imaginings, reflecting the pages of individual prose within Charles Baudelaire’s Paris Spleen. Accompanying text by Iris Swift.



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