Avant / July 2014 / Visual Arts

The Katalog

The Katalog copy


9–19 July, 10am–6pm. Wandesford Quay Gallery. Free


Founded in December 2013 by Aoife Power, Cillian Moynihan, Dearbla Coffey, Killian O Dywer, Niamh Cooney and Padraig O’Siochru, The Katalog is a Cork-based collective of artists and curators whose core objective is to source and promote artistic talent while creating a platform for the exchange of multi-disciplinary art practices across a network of possible opportunities.

The Katalog is a national and international database of emerging talent; artist are selectively drawn upon for each of The Katalog’s exhibitions, and to appear in its free downloadable art zine, which will be available for Kindle, tablets and smartphones from the end of the summer.

On the 9th of July The Katalog will host its self-titled debut exhibition at Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork. Curated by Victoria Evans, the exhibition aims to explore the strangely romantic idea of dichotomy; an examination of the relationship betweenseparate works, by separate artists. The intention of the exhibition is to reverse the incentive of the artist to act as sole creator. The Katalog will display the work of the artists in pairs in order to engage, challenge and exchange. The crucial point of the exhibition is to address how we relate to art. Dialogue between the works is key; can there be parity between two separate works; and perhaps most importantly, what will they say? 

For more information or to apply to The Katalog visit www.facebook/katalogpage.com or email thekatalog@outlook.com


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