Avant / Film / July 2014 / talk

The Essay Film, the Speck of Irony, and the Ethnolandscape in Ruins

15th July, 2014. 18.00. Geography Building, UCC. Free.
Public Lecture by Dr Laura Rascaroli: The Essay Film, the Speck of Irony, and the Ethnolandscape in Ruins.

From Ben River's Slow Action

From Ben River’s Slow Action

While offering an insight into the structures of the essay film, this paper asks questions about landscape as ethnographic construct and framing device. It does so by focusing on a particular type of ethnofiction, represented by experimental films such as Luis Buñuel’s Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan (Land Without Bread, Spain, 1933), Werner Herzog’s Fata Morgana (West Germany, 1971), and Ben Rivers’s Slow Action (UK, 2011). Located in-between documentary and fiction, surrealism and ethnography,science fiction and anthropology, these essayistic texts are impervious to categorization. Their in-betweenness creates generic interstices from within which the project of ethnography is satirized and deconstructed—and discourses of otherness, nature, culture, power, imperialism, ecology and sustainability are both foregrounded and subverted.

Laura Rascaroli is Senior Lecturer and Codirector of Film and Screen Media at University College Cork. She has published widely on European cinema, art film, modernism and postmodernism. She is the author and editor of several volumes; her most recent monograph, The Personal Camera: Subjective Cinema and the Essay Film, was first published in English in 2009 and in Chinese in 2014. She is currently working on a book titled How the Essay Film Thinks: Art of Gaps. She is general editor of Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media.

For directions to the Geography Building see here

This event is hosted by the UCC Modernisms Research Centre: http://modernismsresearchcentreucc.wordpress.com

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