Avant / Installation / July 2013 / Sound


mandalagonMount Meru Present:


Sound Ritual experimenting with sacred geometry, psycho-acoustics and archetypal systems. This installation/event involves a large scale audio-sculpture mandala with improvised sound performances.


We encourage people to bring a collection of favoured sound making devices and instruments to add to the mandala. There will be a PA present, along with microphones and a selection of amplifiers.

Mandalagon is open to all with an interest in sound. There will be breaks between sound events to re-arrange and involve more participants.

One of the project aims is to create a meditative sound environment. Participants are asked to contribute with intention and respect.

Refreshments and social area at Camden palace café daily.






Friday 26th-

3:00 – Creating the mandala – placing the six pianos

5:00 – Improvised pianos

7:00 – After event discussion

Saturday 27th-

12:00 – Open platform sound event

3:00 – Sound event – half hour exercises and experiments ie. drone, chant,

4:00 – Set performance

7:00 – After event discussion

Sunday 28th-

2:00 – Open platform

4:00 – Set performance, invited collaborators.

5:00 – Break down of mandala

The schedule is a framework subject to change. Events may extend or cease, to accommodate invited participants.


  • Mandalagon is an interactive sculptural arrangement of instruments and audio equipment which allows participants freedom to engage with and expand on the form.

  • Participants become active parts of the resonant field produced in the space. They invoke the energy produced during ritual ceremonies conducted in megalithic structures, temples and churches using voice, modern audio objects, derelict pianos and invented instruments. Their combined physical and tonal properties creating a sound structure in and of itself.

  • Audience and performers will explore the belief that specific geometrical systems can be used as keys to access archetypal information in the psyche.

  • Affect a shift in brain function using sound to stimulate the area of the brain that bio-behavioral scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behavior.


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