Avant / July 2013


Angry Art poster

On July 25th (7pm at the Guesthouse)…..    LET US BE ANGRY TOGETHER!

You care about art. You care enough to be angry. There are certain things you feel very strongly about. Sometimes you get all het up and rant at your friends and scare people. No one listens anymore, but you know you’re right.

This is an invitation to get ANGRY about ART.

For one night only, I can guarantee you 3 minutes of sanctioned silence within which to make your pitch, have your rant and convince a court of your peers of your supreme good sense.

The Guesthouse will be our battlefield; its kitchen will sustain us in our fury. Supper + Art strops as the Avant nears its end. Pick one of the positions suggested below– and argue for or against it– or propose your own. Extremism encouraged; absolutism appreciated.

I want to know what (in/of/about or around art) makes you angry.

Email sarahkatehayden@gmail.com  before July 18th to declare your intentions and sign up for a spot.

  • Anti-capitalist art is just fooling itself
  • It’s ok to be in it for the money
  • It’s time to rescue art from the academy
  • There’s still a space for beauty, but you have to do it right
  • The quest for originality can only end in dead ends now
  • Bring on the post-post-medium condition
  • If it’s not difficult, it’s not worth doing
  • The marxist revolution is never going to happen- so why are we still making art about it?
  • There’s something rotten at the heart of the Irish artworld
  • There’s no space in art for politics
  • 21st C Art: diagnosis commitment-phobic
  • The rhizome is the easy go-to for easy, unthinking, art
  • You can’t make art without knowing its history
  • Art colleges don’t produce artists
  • Minimalism is for men
  • Conceptual art is philosophy by non-artists
  • Duchamp is over-rated
  • Soundart is for non-musicians
  • We need to talk… about quality
  • Irish art is still 20 years behind
  • There’s no ‘visual culture’ in this country
  • Performance art is all wrung out
  • Anything but formalism is just muddying the waters
  • Land art is just landscape gardening with a budget
  • Saatchi’s YBAs ruined it for everyone
  • Too many people are talking about Deleuze and Guattari
  • All art is good art
  • There’s too much theory about
  • There’s not enough theory about
  • Beuys lied—he was just a felt fetishist
  • The state should provide a stipend to all practicing artists
  • Video art is taking over; turn off the telly
  • Twombly was a scribbler
  • Performance Art was over by ‘79
  • Public art always fails
  • Derrida/Lacan/Kant/Husserl[…] has a lot to answer for
  • The only avant-garde today is the historical one
  • We don’t need any more body-art
  • Feminist art never got off the ground

…This could go on forever. Now it’s your turn


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