Avant / July 2013 / Visual Arts

the différantiel of techne


This exhibition of digital photographs of black & white film prints by Sheila Mannix will be on view at the Guesthouse from July 5th-27th 2013.

‘We are questioning technology in order to bring to light our relationship to its essence. Technikon means that which belongs to technē.Technē is the name not only for the activities and skills of the craftsman, but also for the arts of the mind and the fine arts. Technēbelongs to bringing-forth, to poiēsis; it is something poietic. What is decisive in technē does not lie at all in making and manipulating nor in the using of means, but rather in revealing. It is as revealing, and not as manufacturing, that technē is a bringing-forth. Technology is a mode of revealing. Technology comes to presence [West] in the realm where revealing and unconcealment take place, where alētheia, truth, happens’.

– Martin Heidegger The Question Concerning Technology

 ‘We might say that the human, or the event of the human, only comes to itself by virtue of technical mediation, by virtue of what Derrida calls the ‘différantiel of techne‘. There is no event of the human without technical différance, without the technological differentiation of the human from itself in relation to the non-human’.

– Simon Critchley Ethics-Politics-Subjectivity

 With thanks to the artists who participated in Cork Art Trail’s Artwork Embassy exhibition at The Elysian, 2012.



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