Avant / July 2013 / talk / Visual Arts

Encountering Modern Art

As part of this year’s Avant, a series of seminars will be held focusing on episodes from the history of art over the last one hundred years. Beginning with Cubist Collage and ending with the art from the 21st Century, these sessions will offer the chance to engage in the close reading of specific artworks and to discuss short extracts from crucial texts. Rather than attempting to provide a comprehensive survey, we will explore the richness and complexity of modern art by way of specific examples. Short illustrated presentations will be offered to prompt discussion and exchange.
The programme is led by Ed Krcma (History of Art, UCC), and will be delivered together with Rachel Warriner, Kirstie North, Sarah Hayden and Sarah Kelleher. The sessions are open to all, charging no fee, and will take place in Sample Studios’ Auditorium (3rd floor) from 2-5pm, Monday 8 – Thursday 11 July.
All are welcome! (If you are interested in attending, please email Ed at e.krcma@ucc.ie so that we have a sense of numbers) There’s no obligation to attend every session; feel free to attend as few or as many talks as takes your fancy.
Monday 8 July: The Challenge to Painting
1) Cubist Collage (EK)
2) Dada / Futurism / Surrealism (SH)
3) Discussion – Louis Aragon on Collage (SH / EK)

Tuesday 9 July: Around Abstraction
1) Mondrian’s Limitations (EK)
2) Infinite / Ad Infinitum: New York in 1950s and 60s (EK)
3) Discussion – Briony Fer on Abstraction and Repetition (EK)

Wednesday 10 July: Gender, Body, Psyche
1) Gender and Politics: Nancy Spero (RW)
2) Louise Bourgeois, Rebecca Horn and Installation (SK)
3) Discussion – Body Politics (SK / RW)

Thursday 11 July: Encounters, Networks, Archives
1) The Archival Impulse (KN)
2) Systems and Worlds (EK)
3) Discussion – Contemporary Art (EK/KN)

Kindly supported by Sample Studios



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