The Avant -Cork’s Festival of Experimental and Progressive Arts

The Avant -Cork’s Festival of Experimental and Progressive Arts

6th – 16th July 2012
Cork City

The Avant is a festival of experimental and pioneering art that takes place in Cork City in early July. Including a number of Cork-based organisations supportive of avant-garde practices, The Avant is a cooperation between groups who are interested in experiment and innovation. In previous years these have included The Basement Project Space, The National Sculpture Factory, The Glucksman Gallery, The Black Mariah, The Space Gallery, The Sirius Centre, The Cork Film Centre, Black Sun, The Couch, SoundEye Festival, The Camden Palace Hotel, Eye and Mind, Sonic Vigil and The Guesthouse.

The Avant is a simple idea: ask a number of Cork-based organisations, supportive of avant-garde practices, to schedule events which they would programme in any case, in a limited period in the summer. Pool their resources in terms of audience and publicity, but in all other matters let them run their events independently. Voilá, with no extra funding, and little extra effort, a festival of experimental and pioneering art in Cork city, worthy of national, if not international attention.

We are always keen to contact new groups who might be interested in working with us, and are open to proposals. We’re gearing up for a creative and vibrant festival this year which will be packed full of exciting visual art, performance, music, film, sound art and poetry.
Please contact us at: theavantfestival(at)gmail(dot)com


Facebook event page here:

The Avant Festival 2012

Fri 6th July      ‘Aloha, Namaste, So Much Love’ Carla Burns -Basement Project Space

ALOHA, NAMASTE, SO MUCH LOVE is an exhibition of new work by Carla Burns made while on residency at the National Sculpture Factory from January to March 2012. The presented work is part of an ongoing study by Burns into problems of belief, representation, and the search for meaning. How do we come to know what is real and how do we communicate and strengthen that reality? Burns approaches this problem by appropriating artifacts of self-help and spiritual culture to consider how our emotional life bleeds into our intellectual life as we long for coherent systems of meaning-making. Presented by National Sculpture Factory and Basement Project Space. 6pm

Donough Mc Namara ‘General Butt Naked’ at The Black Mariah , Triskel Arts Centre.
Runs until July 29

The maid in Manhattan Love Story is really a princess, a nerd becomes a cheerleader.

In many cultures it is believed that stepping outside of what is expected gives you supernatural strength. The Self can be seen as a simulation. It is a dimensional form which is animated and coloured with the feelings, attitudes and values of external influence. There is a superabundance of possibilities for its formation and can be negated by role shifts into a non-objective space.

6th-7th July      The Films Of Jean Rollin  -Triskel Arts Centre

On 6-7 July, Triskel Christchurch hosts a special season showcasing the finest cinematic works of Jean Rollin (1938-2010). A filmmaker revered by fantasy and horror enthusiasts for his hauntingly surreal, dreamlike and outrageous imagery. The season includes screenings of Fascination, Les Demoniaques, Le Frisson Des Vampires, La Vampire Nue, Le Viol Du Vampire, a special (free) screening of a video interview between Rollin and film scholar Dr. Patricia MacCormack and more. There is a special season ticket for the price of €26 (this includes membership). Regular cinema prices apply for single performance tickets. See Avant blog or Triskel website for full schedule.

Fri 6th July     Andy Votel DJ set – Gulpd Café

On 6-7 July, Triskel Christchurch hosts a special season showcasing the finest cinematic works of Jean Rollin (1938-2010). As part of this series, Andy Votel, co-founder of Finders Keepers Records (who have issued soundtracks from Jean Rollin’s films), will perform a DJ set in the Gulpd Café from 10pm. He will also introduce the screening of Fascination on the 6th of July at 8:30pm.

Sat 7th July         Knifeloop at the Roundy

KnifeLoop – jestem potforum

A loop monster is fed by the vibrations of objects via contact microphones and a coil microphone to amplify electro-magnetic fields. http://lifeloop.org/    Also:  The Mersk Collective  & Ellen King   9pm

 Sun 8th July        Persistencies of Sadness & Still Days – The Guesthouse
Persistencies of Sadness & Still Days, the new four hour feature film by two of Ireland’s most uncompromising experimental filmmakers, Maximilian Le Cain and Rouzbeh Rashidi, will have its premiere at The Guesthouse as part of the July 8th Sunday Lunch event. Structured in two sections or ‘takes’ of two hours each, this dream-like, experimental project offers two complementary explorations of cinematic form that skirt around possible narratives, ducking through a series of fluctuating audio-visual categories and intensities. From 3pm.

 Sun 8th July   Chris Watson -The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse is delighted to welcome Chris Watson to give a talk entitled A Journey South. Watson is one of the world’s leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena. For example. the unearthly groaning of ice in an Icelandic glacier is a classic example of, in Watson’s words, putting a microphone where you can’t put your ears.
As space is limited please RSVP the.guesthouse.project@gmail.com to book a space.
9pm  €5

Mon 9th July    Langan/ Le Cain  -DIRT -The Black Mariah 

For over two years, sound/performance artist Vicky Langan (Wölflinge) and experimental filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain have been working intensively together in a unique creative audio-visual partnership. This is built on the strikingly fitting match between Langan’s magnetic, often troublingly intense presence as a performer and Le Cain’s distinctively jarring, disruptive visual rhythms. The Black Mariah will showcase their collaboration through film, performance and video. Two of their more recent videos, Dirt (a Cork premiere) and Lullaby, will be projected. This will be followed by a special presentation of Le Cain’s Super-8/audio tape piece The End of The Universe as Red which will be extended and enriched by a once-off live Wölflinge performance. 10.30PM

Wed 11th July     ‘in the same breath’ : An evening of live art curated by Ciara McKeon  -Camden Palace Hotel
On July 11th 6-9pm, Camden Palace Hotel will host In The Same Breath, a live performance show which will bring together five performance artists who originate from Belfast, Cork, Galway and Dublin.  Colm Clarke, Ciara McKeon, Debbie Guinnane, Fergus Byrne and Tonya McMullen will all work in one space making durational performance during this unique and exciting three hour live event.

 Thurs  12th July    Enclave Review present Simon Jarvis -The Crawford Art Gallery

Enclave Review, in conjunction with The Crawford Art Gallery, is delighted to be able to host Simon Jarvis talking on ‘The ineliminable absolute :materialism and metaphysics in Adorno’, an introduction to the work of German critical theorist Theodor W. Adorno (1903 – 1969).
Professor Simon Jarvis, poet, critic and scholar, author of Adorno: a Critical Introduction (1998) and Wordsworth’s Philosophic Song (2007), lectures in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.  The talk will take place at The Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place, Cork City at 7pm.

Thurs 12th July      Stephen Vitiello -Dowsing LP Launch and Skype Concert

Dowsing, the new vinyl long player from New York based electronic musician and sound artist Stephen Vitiello is released on Farpoint Recordings. Vitiello transforms incidental atmospheric noises into mesmerising soundscapes that alter our perception of the surrounding environment. There will be a special Skype concert featuring an improvised performance by Stephen Vitiello, Mick O’Shea, Danny McCarthy, David Stalling, Anthony Kelly

Vinyl LP in an edition of 250 hand numbered copies available now from www.farpointrecordings.com

 13th-15th July      SoundEye Poetry Festival: The Guesthouse
SoundEye Poetry Festival is Ireland’s leading festival for innovative poetics. Attracting some of the most exciting poets working today, the festival will feature readings from twelve national and international writers ranging from debut performances to established figures. This year the festival will run for three days and will include readings by: Trevor Joyce, Simon Jarvis, Sarah Hayden, Peter Manson, Lisa Jeschke, Peter Hughes, Swantje Lichtenstein, Augustus Young, Mike Wallace-Hadrill, Sean Bonney, Rachel Warriner and Randolph Healy. Made possible by the generous support of the Cork City Council, The School of English UCC, The CACSSS UCC and The Guesthouse.

See Avant or SoundEye blog for full schedule.

Friday 13th July    SAFE -’Crop’ album launch -Plugd Records

Crop is a live recording of Safe’s first foray into ecstatic improvised noise, chanelling Mahavishnu Orchestra and Ground Zero. A forty minute rise, featuring members of Rest, Wölflinge, Ten past seven and United Bible Studies, that adds layer upon layer until it can only dissolve. This concert will see the second incarnation of Safe’s ‘big band’. The evening’s line up includes: SAFE (big band), First Blood Part II, Strawk
Plugd Records at the Triskel Arts Centre – 8pm to 10pm

Fri 13th July    Des Amis DJ -Gulpd Café

La Société des Amis du Crime will be spinning out-sounds and weirdness from 10pm on.

 Sunday 15th July    Club Zorro! -The Roundy

Experimental & improv music night.



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