Avant / Performance

Avant Festival: In the Same Breath July 11th, Camden Palace Hotel

In the same breath

A live performance group show

Camden Palace Hotel, Camden Quay.

6-9pm Wednesday, July 11th 2012.


In the same breath brings together for the first time five artists; Colm Clarke, Ciara McKeon, Debbie Guinnane, Fergus Byrne and Tonya McMullan. These artists will all work in one space making durational performance for this unique and exciting three hour live event. All are welcome. Audience members are free to come and go as they please during the show. Admission is free but donations are encouraged and will be appreciated!

Fergus Byrne is an artist working in performance and visual arts. He is a member of the Visual Arts Centre based in Dublin, Ireland. His practice involves video, drawing, sculpture, writing and performance. He holds an MA in Theatre and Contemporary Practice from Hull University and a BFA from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. Recent solo work has been in Present at Queen’s University, Link Culture Fest, Dublin and The Dock, Leitrim. He performed in Black Market International’s group performance The Art of Encounter at Present. He performed in Lisa McLoughlin’s Below the Tide (2012) and in Brian O’Doherty’s Hello Sam in Dublin Contemporary 2011. Since 2010 he has curated with Deirdre Murphy the performance events Transversal and Transversal2@DDF. Residency programmes have included Public House, Allen, Kildare (2011), Movement Research/Dance Ireland Exchange (2010), Genesis Project, Philadelphia (2009) and IMMA (2008). http://www.imma.ie/en/page_170791.htm

(Photograph by Jordan Hutchings.)

Ciara McKeon is a visual artist whose practice focuses primarily though not exclusively on live performance. She is a founding member of Performance Art Network and co-curates a monthly night of live performance in Dublin called Unit 1. She graduated from IADT with a BA(hons) in Visual Arts Practice. Recent solo work made at LIVE@8, Galway (2012) and in 4.3.12 at Block T, Dublin (2012). She also performed in Spit, spit, Scrub, Scrub by Amanda Coogan at Dublin Contemporary (2011). http://www.performanceartnetwork.ie/ (Photograph by Henning Koestler)

(Photograph by Jordan Hutchings)

Tonya McMullan; In an attempt to expand the role of artist, audience, curator, host and performer Tonya uses her practice to promote participation, seeking to actively involve groups of artists and the public, encouraging the viewer or participant to consider the confines of our environment.  She uses a broad range of media including video, sculpture and performance.  The attempt is to offer the viewer a clue or comment to the themes of the everyday and the trials, tribulations and struggles we all go through in our desires to win and achieve. By playing with the subject matter/ audience and materials the work reveals the friction between actual everyday life and social expectations.  Co director at Catalyst Arts  July 2010 – 2012, co-founder of artist run initiative, PRIME and studio holder at Flax Arts Belfast.


(Photograph by Alexander del Re)

Colm Clarke is an artist based in Belfast creating actions, sonic scores, and situations. He develops his approach as a tactile strategy focusing on the body and the relationship between the individual and the environment. Clarke has created actions locally and internationally. His live work has most recently featured at FieldWork (Galway) OUI (York) GT Gallery (Belfast) GWAF (Orissa, India), EPAF2010 (Warsaw, Poland), ARS ELECTRONICA (Linz, Austria), ART KARAVAN (New Delhi, India). Colm received a BA(hons) Fine Art from University of Ulster (2006), was a co-director of Catalyst Arts (2006-8). He currently sits on the board of Bbeyond and is a member of Queen Street Studios. Colm is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland ACES Award. bbeyondperformance.org   http://www.queenstreetstudios.net/

Debbie Guinnane studied Sculpture & Combined Media in Limerick School of Art & Design and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Visual Arts Practice with IADT, MAVIS. Her art practice explores the duality between the mind and the body, or alternatively; the relationship between the mental properties and the physical properties of the body, how it communicates and relates to the external world and how it lives as an object within it. My work uses performance art and writing as a way to explore the inter-subjective and inter-objective experience through live-art interactions.


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