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Avant Festival: SoundEye Poetry Festival 2012

SoundEye Poetry Festival is Ireland’s leading festival for innovative poetics.  Started in 1997 by Irish poet Trevor Joyce, it has brought a  vast array of internationally renowned modernist and experimental poets, sound poets and performers to Cork. Attracting some of the most exciting poets working today, the festival will feature readings from twelve national and international writers ranging from debut performances to established figures. This year the festival will run for three days in The Guesthouse:

Friday 13th:

2-3pm: Trevor Joyce, Simon Jarvis

5-6 pm: Sarah Hayden, Peter Manson

Saturday 14th:

12-1 pm: Lisa Jeschke, Peter Hughes

4-5pm: Swantje Lichtenstein, Augustus Young

8-9 pm: Mike Wallace-Hadrill, Sean Bonney

Sunday 15th with Lunch:

1-4 pm: Rachel Warriner and Randolph Healy.

Made possible by the generous support of the Cork City Council, The School of English UCC, The CACSSS UCC and The Guesthouse.


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