2 Cork Film-Makers (Tue.13th 2010 Guest House 8–10pm)

There has been a vibrant culture of film-making in the city in recent years, with the work of Rossa Mullin and Maximilian Le Cain standing out in terms of craft and imagination. On the night of Tuesday 13th the Avant will present a taster of their work, in the form of a documentary, Artaud on Aran, by Mullin, and a number of recent videos by Le Cain.

Artaud on Aran, which recounts a bizarre episode in the life of the French surrealist and founder of the Theatre of Cruelty – a spiritual mission to Ireland inspired by the coming into his possession of ‘the cane of Saint Patrick’ – has been shown previously on RTE television and at the Cork Film Festival.

The unique work of critic and film-maker Le Cain is far from easy to categorise, and a description is perhaps best left in Le Cain’s own poetic terms:

There is the body, mine in this instance, and then there is the night. There are limits, failures and overwhelming sensations. Sound, image, silence: oblivion. It is at the obscure intersection of all these that I jot down my audio-visual sketches. Perhaps a bid to reconcile these elements? More likely, simply a place to exist with accuracy. Movement on the cusp of exhaustion and decay, creation in a time when every film has been made. But the energy persists and the images keep moving, moving in darkness, ceaselessly linking the body and the night in a multitude of shifting rhythms…

Seven videos will be screened at the Guest House event:

Bouquet * Surface * Light / Sound (with Vicky Langan) * The Mongolian Barbecue * …And The Poor Bird Died (with Ed Malone) * On Pause * The Hamilton Cell

Still from ‘Mongolian Barbeque’


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