SoundEye 14th – 18th July 2010

This year’s SoundEye, along with the usual plethora of poets, Irish and international, alternative cabaret and ‘closed mike’ session MCed by Mairéad Byrne, will include an embassy of poets from the Greenwich Women’s Poetry Festival, a Critical Thread and a launch night (see below) at the Sirius Arts Centre.

On July 2nd the schedule is as follows:

Launch night (Fri. 9th 6.30 Sirius Arts Centre, Waterfront, Cobh): Carla Bertola and Alberto Vitacchio, Judy Kravis, Sam Forsythe

Wed. 14th (Camden Palace Hotel)

6pm Maurice Scully, Derek Beaulieu, Trevor Joyce, Fergal Gaynor

Thurs. 15th (Camden Palace Hotel)

4pm Chris Goode, Keston Sutherland talk (‘On *passion* in Poetry’)

6pm Abigail Child, Michael O’Loughlin, Dylan Harris

9pm Alternative Cabaret (also at Camden Palace Hotel)

Friday 16th (Camden Palace Hotel)

2 pm: Nat Raha, Sara Crangle, Jonny Liron

6 pm: Medhbh McGuckian, Randolph Healy, Swantje Lichtenstein

9 pm: Couscous with Mairéad Byrne (this year at the Cork County Cricket Club, Mardyke – next to Fitzgerald’s Park)

Saturday 17th (Camden Palace Hotel)

12pm: John Hall, Geoffrey Squires, Ian Davidson

Around 4pm: Maggie O’Sullivan and Trevor Joyce will take part in Sonic Vigil in St. Finbarre’s Cathedral (SV runs from 12 – 6pm – more will be posted on it shortly)

8pm (Embassy from Greenwich Festival): Rachel Blau De Plessis, Jean Day, Eleni Sikelanos, Lee Ann Brown

Sunday 18th (Camden Palace Hotel)

12pm Mairéad Byrne, John Goodby (Critical Talk)

At 3pm the Guesthouse (Chapel Street – near the North Cathedral) will host a SoundEye Lunch


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