Messiaen Event 2010


Olivier Messiaen’s L’apparition de l”Eglise eternelle will form the centrepiece of an Avant intervention in Cork city-centre’s business day on Tuesday 13th July. From 3-4 pm a sandwich board informing passers-by of the titles of the organ music spilling from the church doors will appear in the shopping thoroughfare outside St. Peter and Paul’s. There will be no ceremony, introductions or applause before or after the musical hour. There will be no entrance fee, or advertisement (apart from its appearance here and in the Avant programme) and the church will, as is usual at the time, be open to the public. Michael Quinn (organist at Donnybrook Church in Dublin) will take his position at the organ and begin playing at 3. He will finish at 4 and leave, a liminal space between secular openness and ecclesiastical enclosure having appeared and disappeared. In the meantime, hopefully, at least one occupant of the business day will have been surprised and drawn, for whatever length of time, into different quarters.


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