The Big Screen 2010

The ‘big screen’ and its accompanying sound system have been tested on the floor of the National Sculpture Factory and, according to the NSF’s Dobz O’Brien and Cork Film Centre’s Max Le Cain, things are looking and sounding good for the arrival of Abigail Child on July 14th. Prix de Rome winner Child, from the US, is at SoundEye to read from her many volumes of poetry, but is best known as an award-winning film and video-maker. When O’Brien and Le Cain heard of Child’s arrival they were eager for her films, characterised by inventive montage that recaptures some of the mystery of silent film, to be shown in Cork. The NSF factory floor, once a workshop for Cork’s trams, had been previously used during 2005’s Cork Caucus to screen part of Shane Cullen et al.’s ‘Courage to Refuse’ project. An imposing, atmospheric space, with the floor-spanning screen and substantial PA in place, it should provide an exciting setting for the late-night showing. Abigail Child will give a short talk about her film work by way of introduction.

(The preceding image appears in ‘Mirror World’ [2006].)


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