Installation / Visual Arts

Avant Responses

Now that we’re underway I thought that I might use the site to publish responses to the events as they happen. I’m going to exercise a certain amount of editorial discretion, but will try to include almost everything offered, either as a post to the blog, on a separate Responses page, or in the form of a comment. First off, some photos from last night at the Couch Gallery. If I’m infringing anyone’s copyrights please inform me . . .

From Joe Nix’s ‘Brain washed in a good way’ (Couch Gallery 3/7)

Loiterers among Joe Nix’s found film advertisements and drawings

Remnants of the cow puppet used at Joe Nix’s SoundEye Cabaret performance last year – recycled as sculptural piece.

Russell Crowe is surrounded threateningly by Joe Nix’s drawings


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