Performance / Visual Arts

24/7 Update

Where and When?

River Room, Lewis Glucksman Gallery,Thursday 9th July, 3.00 – 4.30pm

Who and What?

Chris Clarke (Curator of Education and Collections, Lewis Glucksman Gallery): ‘Online Aesthetics’

Claire Feeley (Glucksman Fellow in Curatorial Practice): ‘Talk Radio’

Dr. David Brancaleone (Critical and Contextual Studies, Limerick School of Art and Design): ‘Art and Numbers’

Rachel Warriner and Jimmy Cummins (Artists based in Cork): ‘The Life and Times of Nathaniel Turner’

Ciara Moore (Artist based in Dublin): ‘Alexander’s Dark Band’

Dr. Ed Krčma (History of Art, UCC): ‘Diagramming Value’

More Info…

Chris Clarke: Online Aesthetics

Chris Clarke will present a series of computer screen-grabs while discussing notions of instantaneity and accessibility and their relation to the standard interface format. This talk will also look at how such layouts present a (false) sense of freedom and omniscience in the online user.

Claire Feeley: Talk Radio

A mile-a minute fly-by of early representation of radio focusing on the aspirations ascribed to it as a part of the public sphere. Talk radio and sports broadcasting are taken as paradigmatic of two opposing forms of sociality suggested by the advent of mass radio.

David Brancaleone: Art and Numbers

You might suppose there can’t be much of a relation between art and number, and if there was, you wouldn’t want to know about it. The artistic mind would seem to be at loggerheads with maths – until you think of the geometrization of the human body in Egyptian sculpture, the mathematization of space in the Renaissance, the mythical, more than real, notion of an ideal proportion, referred to as the Golden Section, and twentieth century artists toying around with the Fibonacci sequence. But there are other ways of thinking about the relation between number and art. Sequence, repetition, subtraction, multiplicity, totality, singularity are key terms I shall be relating to specific philosophies (Badiou’s, Deleuze’s) and specific art works, and of course I extend that term to include film, photography, print and more besides.

Rachel Warriner and Jimmy Cummins: The Life & Times of Nathaniel Turner

The day that Nathaniel Turner stepped out of his house to deliver one of the most influential speeches ever given will forever be a defining moment in history. Our talk focuses on that speech, and its vast ranging repercussions.

Ciara Moore: Alexander’s Dark Band

Ed Krčma: Diagramming Value

A very brief explanation of a very speculative diagram I drew a few months ago in which I was attempting to bring together some varied claims for value in modern and contemporary art. One axis describes an ‘attitude’ or ‘comportment’ (affirmative or negative) and another concerns ‘direction’ (reflexive or extensive). And then there are all the positions in between…


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