Performance / Poetry / Sound

Cabaret on Thursday 9th 2009

The Other Place (Paradise Place – behind St. Augustine’s church, Washington Street) has been booked for 8.30 till late (confirmation pending) for SoundEye’s Promiscuous Cabaret, a night of sounds and performance entertaining, experimental and unexpected. As it has been for the last three years we won’t know the full line-up until the night itself, as time is always kept for last minute collaborations and impromptu performance issuing from the energy of the festival. A few acts, however, have already been booked: among them Isabella Oberlander, a contemporary dancer from Austria currently on a residency with Daghda in Limerick, whose work was featured recently at ev+a; Boiled String, a Welsh oral performance group with a special interest in the works of Dylan Thomas; and something instrumental and vocal has been promised from Cork’s burgeoning early music scene (which has taken on a new dynamism since the visit of Alison Crum in March). Now if I could only get my jazz band – two jazz acts having already pulled out . . .


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