The Avant 2009: 9 Days of the Progressive Arts

Cork City
4th – 12th July

As the hangover of 2005 and the European Capital of Culture has cleared, Cork has again begun to show signs of cultural vitality, with numerous independent, small scale initiatives springing up across the city. Much of this new energy has focused on avant-garde artforms, with generic transgression and collaboration across disciplines the norm. The Avant is intended as a concentration and showcase of this city-wide activity, co-ordinating events normally programmed by institutions supportive of the avant-garde in a short, nine-day slice of the summer.


2 thoughts on “The Avant 2009: 9 Days of the Progressive Arts

    • Hi Aideen – at the moment our biggest priority is publicity – gathering audiences for the events. If you can help publicise The Avant in any way we’d be very grateful. Also – we’re very interested in having as many practicing artists as possible at the Circa Salon on the Saturday night (4th). Please come, and extend the invitation to any artist friends. F.G.

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